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Postman Concepts

Get easy, API-First solutions with the industry’s only Complete API Development Environment.

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New to Postman
Postman is the only complete API development environment used by 5 million developers.
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Postman Workspaces
Use Postman Workspaces to organize your work and manage collaboration with the rest of your team.
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Postman Collections
Postman Collections are executable descriptions of your API. Go ahead and organize your requests and mirror your specific workflows.
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Postman Environments
Postman Environments are a convenient way to share your team’s server configurations, replicate user credentials for testing, or hide your personal secrets.
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Tests and Scripts
Make assertions about the correctness of your API responses, pass data between requests, and add dynamic behavior to requests and collections.
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Back up and save your Postman data to the cloud.
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Running a Collection
Run a collection as a series of requests against a corresponding environment.
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Documenting APIs
Share public or private API documentation in a beautifully formatted web page.
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Mock an API Response
Use a Postman mock server to simulate a server response before building out the real endpoint.