Purchasing Postman Enterprise

The instructions below are for paying via credit card. If you need to pay via purchase order, contact our Enterprise support team.

Upgrade your plan

To upgrade your plan to a Postman Enterprise subscription, you will need a Postman account.

Log in to your Postman account, and go to the billing page. Next to your current plan, click the Upgrade button. For existing Postman Pro users, click the ellipsis (...) next to the Upgrade button and select the "Change plan" option.

Billing page

Billing page for pro

Select "Upgrade to Postman Enterprise".

choose plan

Configure your plan by entering the number of users to include on your team. Based on your input, review the total cost to be billed annually under the Purchase Overview. Click "Proceed".

configure plan

Review your purchase details, and then click "Pay".

review order

Enter your credit card billing and payment details. The subscription for Postman Enterprise will be charged as an annual amount.

credit card 1

credit card 2

Once you've successfully submitted your payment details, you can see your current plan back on the billing page. Next, you can add user slots and manage your team members' roles or set up monitoring blocks.

enterprise confirmation