API Network submission guidelines

Why adhere to guidelines?

Postman's API Network makes API consumption very easy. If you are building APIs that can be consumed by public, you can publish them to Postman's API network and users can directly import your collection through “Run in Postman”. To publish your API to Postman's API network, ensure your API documentation adheres to a set of guidelines outlined by Postman.

API submission guidelines

To ensure your APIs have a wider adoption, your API documentation adhere to the following guidelines:

All teams submitting to API Network must have an updated logo. This logo will be displayed on your documentation. Logo gives you a better identity and helps users easily associate the API with your company.

2. API Name & Objective

An appropriate name and a proper objective helps explain your API’s intended use. The following illustrates an example:

name and desc

3. Authentication

Your API documentation should clearly explain steps for authentication in detail. This helps your API users get started easily.

Note: If there are authorization tokens in the request headers replace them with a placeholder. This makes your documentation secure and readable. The following screen illustrates this:


4. Formatting

Make sure your documentation is properly formatted. Ensure you maintain a systematic folder structure with items organized in folders and sub-folders.

5. Requests and Responses

Ensure you document resource descriptions, endpoints and methods, and parameters clearly with examples. Specify request and response examples. The following screen illustrates an example of this:


Note: Do not submit examples containing localhost paths because they don't make sense for APIs in the API network.

Sample APIs for reference

Good API submissions:

The submission process

The submission process is quite simple. Adhere to the following 3-step process:

  1. Decide your API (or list of APIs) to be published to the Postman's API network.
  2. Adhere to the API submission requirements.
  3. Select the API Network option, fill appropriate details, and submit to the API network.

The moderators at the Postman API network will review your APIs, may request additional changes and then approve them for publication to the API network.