Adding to Postman templates

If you’re an author of a Postman collection, you can share the API documentation in a bunch of different ways. One way is to share the collection as a template. Community-contributed templates might teach someone how to use an API, automate a tedious task, or just use public APIs to do something fun. Once you create a template, it’s discoverable within the Postman app. People can browse, download relevant templates, and get a jump-start on learning something new.

Note: You may use an API published by an organization to solve a particular use case. In such cases, you can publish it as a template for others to use.

How to add to Postman Templates

When publishing your collection, you can share it with the API community by selecting the radio button Add to Postman Templates. The template name is auto-populated from your collection name, as illustrated in the below screen. Add template summary and description, specify categories, and click Publish Collection.

add to templates

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