Billing and pricing

Plans for Pro

Postman Pro teams can choose between 2 billing cycles:

  1. Annual: Postman Pro is available at $96/user/year (effectively discounted to $8/user/month), payable annually.
  2. Monthly: Postman Pro is available at $10/user/month payable monthly.

Changing Billing Cycles / Team Size

  1. Annual teams can only switch to the monthly plan and reduce their team size at the end of their current billing cycle. The number of days left for the current cycle are shown on the billing page. Click the "Configure next cycle" link on the billing page to switch to the monthly plan / change team size for the next cycle. If you switch to the monthly plan, you'll be charged at $8/user/month after your billing cycle ends.
  2. Monthly teams can switch to the annual plan at any time. Head to the billing page, and click 'Change Plan' in the settings dropdown. Here, you can increase or decrease your team size, and change to the annual plan. Changes to the team size will take effect instantly, and your next invoice will be pro-rated. Changes to the billing cycle will take place after the current month ends, and you'll be charged $75/user, valid for the next one year.

Adding Users to Annual teams

Annual teams can increase their team size to invite more users at any time. Head to the teams page, and click 'Add users'. If you have a saved card, you'll be able to select the number of paid slots you want to add, and have the changes take effect instantly.

add users

You'll be charged for the remainder of the billing cycle on a pro-rated basis. For example, if you add 3 more users 6 months into your billing cycle, you'll be charged ($48/user * 3 users) $144, since you're only using the additional 3 users for 6 months. If you don't have a saved card, you'll need to contact us for invoice-based payment.

Managing Saved Cards

When you purchase a Pro team online, the credit card info you enter is saved to your account.

Pricing for Monitors

Review details about pricing for monitors.