Commenting on collections

Postman provides a quick way to collaborate with your team members by allowing you to post comments on collections and requests. This is an easy way to provide valuable feedback to your team members on your collections and requests.

This topic describes the following sections:

Posting comments

You can post comments on your collections and requests from the Postman Dashboard. Only those having access to a collection or a request will be able to post comments. When you post a comment on a collection or a request, it gets reflected in both the Postman app and the Dashboard.

Note: Postman app currently supports comments on requests only. Also, you can post comments only on saved requests.

To post a comment, select the corresponding collection or a request and click Comments. The Comments dialog box appears. Write your comment and click Add Comment. Your comment is posted. The procedure to post a comment is similar both in the Postman app and the Dashboard. The following screen illustrates this:

post comments

Note: If someone tags you in a comment on a private collection that you don’t have access for, Postman sends a notification to you. However, you can’t read the comment until the collection or the request is shared with you.

Editing comments

After posting a comment, you can go back, edit your comment and save your changes. Only you as a creator of the comment will be able to update/modify your comment. The following screen illustrates this:

edit comments

Deleting comments

You can delete your comments by clicking the ‘delete’ button, as illustrated in the below screen (circled in red):

delete comments

Note: For moderation purposes, Admins can delete anyone’s comment. However, admins will not be able to update/modify a comment.

Tagging members in comments

Sometimes you may want to call the attention of a team member when posting a comment. In such a scenario, you can tag a person by typing the @ symbol followed by the member’s name and then choosing the corresponding name from the auto-suggested list. When you tag a member in your comment, Postman notifies the member by sending a notification. The following screen illustrates tagging a member in a comment:

post comments

Markdown support

Postman comments support Markdown. You can format the text the way you want in the comments dialog box. The following screen illustrates formatting bold faced and italicized text in the comments dialog box:

post comments