Viewing changelogs and restoring collections

Your Postman collections display a changelog for reviewing create, update, and delete events. You can use the changelog to keep track of any updates you and your collaborators make to your private and team collections. The changelog also lets you rollback a collection and restore it to any previous point in time. Postman also tracks activity within teams and accounts.


Viewing the collection changelog

To review the changelog for a collection in Postman, select the Collections tab and click the arrow (▸) next to the relevant collection to view its details. Select the Changelog tab to see a chronological list of collection activities.

The changelog indicates the date of each update, the user who carried it out, what type of update they performed, and the time the change occurred. The changelog collates consecutive updates on the same session to the same entity for readability.

Collection Changelog

With a Postman Pro or Enterprise account, you can see generated diffs detailing changes to a collection.

Changelog diffs

You can alternatively review a collection changelog from the Workspaces dashboard by selecting a workspace and collection.

Viewing workspace activity

You can review an activity feed for a workspace in the Postman app. In the status bar at the bottom, toggle to the Browse view. Select the Activity tab to see events that have occurred within the workspace.

Workspace Activity

You can also review the activity for a workspace from the Workspaces dashboard in the Postman web app.

Viewing team activity

You can review the activity for a team with a Postman Pro or Enterprise account. In the Postman web app, use the Workspaces dropdown to select your team, then open the Activity tab to view the events.

Viewing user activity

You can review the activity for your own account in the Postman web app. Click your avatar in the top right, and select Profile—the Activity tab will list your events.

Restoring collections

With a Postman Pro or Enterprise account, you can use the changelog to restore a collection to a previous point in time. Click Restore under a change to revert the collection to the point immediately after the change was applied. The changelog will update and Postman will display a confirmation message indicating the time the collection has been restored to.

Restore from Changelog

You may see a warning on any request tabs you have open that are affected by reverting the collection, for example indicating a conflict or deletion.

Revert conflict

Postman will prompt you to resolve any conflicts that may cause you to lose unsaved data.

Exporting team activity to other platforms

With a Postman Pro or Enterprise account, you can pipe team activity feeds to external communication channels:

Next steps

For more on working with a team in Postman, see collaboration. To learn how to invite input on your API projects, see sharing collections.