Sharing collections in Workspaces for version 5

If you're looking to share a collection on version 6 and higher, refer to the Sharing collections documentation.

In versions 5.5 and below, teams work collaboratively in a Team Library. In a Team Library, you can share collections, environmental templates, view team updates, and subscribe to shared collections. However Workspaces provides greater visibility and easier access to shared collections.

Now you can organize collections for projects in separate Workspaces. In each Workspace you can add or create collections, and invite others to collaborate. Members of those Workspaces can see when others add or change it. In addition a collection can exist in other Workspaces at the same time. Any changes to these Workspace collections are visible everywhere they reside.

If you're a Postman Pro user and all the members of your team upgrade to Postman v.6, and you haven't, how would your team members access the collection? Fortunately Postman provides a workaround for you.


When all members of a team are not using Workspaces, all shared collections from a Team Library and Workspaces appear on a page that everyone on the team can see.

You or another team member can click the Share button next to the Team Library collection and add it to a Workspace.