Activating your Pro trial

You must have a Postman account to activate your Postman Pro trial.

If you have a Postman account

  1. In the Postman home page,{:target="_blank"} sign in to your Postman account. 
  2. In the Dashboard{:target="blank"}, click "Activate trial". [![activate](](

The Postman dashboard page indicates how many days you have remaining in the Pro trial. You can also setup a team, create collections, and download Mac, Windows, or Linux native Postman apps. manage trial

To try the new beta dashboard, click the Try the data dashboard button. Note the difference in menu options. beta_dashboard

If you don't already have a Postman account

  1. In the Postman pricing page{:target="_blank"}, click the "Start a Free Trial" link in the Postman Pro offer. You'll be prompted to create a Postman account.
  2. Complete the sign up process.

You're now the administrator of a Postman Pro team, with a free 7-day trial. Go to the Postman team page{:target="blank"} and [invite users](/docs/pro/managingpro/invitingandmanaging) or set up your team library!