Adding team name and logo

Postman users with the Admin member role can add a team name and logo to their Postman team account directly in the Team Settings page.

Update your team name

To see your current team name, go to the Team page in the Postman website.

team name

If you didn’t enter a team name when you first created your Postman Pro or Enterprise team, you can add it in the Team Settings page.

edit team details page

To update your logo, go to the Team Settings page.

Next hover over the logo under "Team Logo" in the "Style" section to see the Pencil (edit) and Trash Can (delete) icons.

edit logo

Now click the Pencil icon and upload or drag or drop an image. Then click the Upload button to complete the process.

This uploaded image displays in the header of your team's published documentation replacing the Postman logo. It may take up to 5 minutes for the logo to update.

To delete a logo, click the Trash Can logo.