Using GraphQL

With GraphQL support in Postman, you can now author and send GraphQL queries using the request body. Besides authoring GraphQL requests, you can:

  • Create and store GraphQL schemas directly in Postman
  • Enable GraphQL query autocompletion (powered by Postman API schemas)
  • Edit and author GraphQL variables in a separate view

This section describes the following topics:

Sending a GraphQL query

Authoring and sending a GraphQL query in Postman is simple. The following screen illustrates sending a GraphQL query in Postman using the new body type GraphQL:

graphql body

To send a GraphQL query, ensure you're present in the Body tab and then select GraphQL (shown above in red circle). Enter your GraphQL query in the Query section and send your request. The GraphQL body type provides a rich user interface for authoring and sending requests. The Editor enables you to author both queries and variables separately, as illustrated in the above screen.

Working with GraphQL variables

Postman provides a separate interface to author GraphQL variables. You can also use Postman variables as data for GraphQL variables using {{variable}} syntax.

After defining your GraphQL query in the Query editor, you can author and edit GraphQL variables in a separate variables editor, as illustrated below:

edit variables

Importing GraphQL schemas

You can easily create or import GraphQL schemas in Postman. To create a GraphQL API schema in Postman, perform the steps illustrated in the following screen:

auto complete

  1. Click APIs tab, select an API (or create a new API), navigate to the Define tab, select Create new/Import file, choose GraphQL from the dropdown and click Save.
  2. Go to the Collections tab, select the request, navigate to the Body tab, and select GraphQL body type. Select your schema from the GraphQL (Draft) dropdown and start typing your query. Autocomplete lets you view and insert possible completions from the content in your GraphQL schema.

Autocomplete for GraphQL

Once you create or import a GraphQL schema, save the schema in the API and then select the schema from the dropdown under GraphQL body, as illustrated below:

schema selection